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How To Endure The Refiners Fire
March 15, 2019

The Daily Bread Is To Rely On God Through Personal Challenges

Jesus Christ Topical Guide: Sermon On The Mount Series

Matthew 6:11

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Elder D. Todd Christofferson gave a devotional about this idea of facing intense personal challenges that endure for long periods of time. The key is to take it each day at a time, sometimes hour by hour. We run into trouble when we start to think about how long this pain will last, especially if we think it will never end. This will surely cause anxiety and depression.

Instead focus on what you can do today. Just get through today and not worry about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, focus on getting through that day not the day after or the week after.

He also shared a time when he went through the refiners fire when a financial hardship nearly ruined him financially. This trial was not short, but it lasted a long time; however, in the end he saw it as a blessing.

Why? He learned how to pray for real. There were times when he desperately needed some kind of help, but none came. Sometimes, it was only a peace of mind to be patient.

We are nothing compared to God’s power and glory. When we see our fallen nature and our nothingness to God; that is when we will rely on Him and recognize that He has all power.

Elder Holland said, “God wants us to be stronger than we are- more fixed in our purpose, more certain of our commitments, eventually needing less coddling from him, showing more willingness to shoulder some of the burden of his heavy load. In short, he wants us to be more like he is, if you haven’t noticed, some of us are not like that yet.”

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