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How To Endure The Refiners Fire
April 01, 2019

Helping Children Not Be Attached To The World

Jesus Christ Topical Guide: Sermon On The Mount Series

Matthew 6:12

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

Do you have a policy about loaning money to friends and family?

For example, I know of some people who will not give money to their children because they want their children to be self-reliant.

I personally find that a little extreme. For example, college tuition is outrageously expensive, and that is something I would help out with.

I certainly support teaching my children to be self-sufficient and I don’t want them to rely on me when they are adults. I plan on raising my children so they are not attached to the world but overcome it and not care what others think of them. Hopefully, they will have no desire to compete with their neighbor.

In fact, I think it will be good for them if they can’t put their children in little league sports; or, have memberships in country clubs. I want my children to be focused on what is most important and not be distracted by competing with the world.

Switching gears spiritually. We are in debt to Jesus Christ because He bought us with His blood through His Atonement. Taking upon Him our sins, weaknesses, pains and afflictions and everything this life can throw at us is beyond our comprehension. Not only this, because of His Atonement we can have His grace.

I think his grace is greatly underappreciated in the membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We focus so much on our sins but not enough of strength (grace) to become powerful instruments in His hands and make righteous things happen through our faith.

With His grace we can work miracles.

If you live in the Salt Lake City valley, I invite you to join us at church on Sunday's. Currently we meet at 9 A.M.; however, starting in January we will change to noon. We are a mid-singles ward; however, if you have a family please don't let that stop you. Please, join us for for our first meeting which is Sacrament meeting, and make sure you ask someone to introduce you to our ward mission leader. Our address is 7155 South 540 East, Midvale Utah, 84047.

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