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Healing From Mental Illness
September 30, 2018

God’s Love Heals

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 8:11,12

“Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the whiteness that I had ever seen…. It filled my soul with exceedingly great joy.”

White is symbolic of purity, cleanliness, holiness, and power. White also equals God’s love.

I think we underestimate how dark and evil Satan really is, and his determination to destroy us. He will try to infiltrate and corrupt everything he can. Satan would love to make everything he touches completely black, but he knows it would shock most people and they would avoid it. Therefore, he pollutes it instead, just enough that we don’t suspect anything. However, with near constant exposure, the amount of darkness allowed in is significant.

The Fruit Was White To Exceed All Whiteness

His love can wash out all the darkness. Jesus Christ has the power to heal all things, physical, mental and emotional. The power of the Book of Mormon can fill you with God’s love, that it heals. You can’t be depressed and consumed with His love at the same time. This is a cause and effect when you deeply ponder the Book of Mormon. You will feel His peace and His love.

That is guaranteed!

This has significant and essential lessons for mental illness. White represents God’s love, and His love can heal any mental illness. If someone in your family has depression, if they feel God’s love they will pull out of it. It might take a while.

Sometimes, we let the stresses, the worries and the responsibilities of life build up until it has created a thick layer of rock that is hard to break open. Additionally, the internal noise and outside noise can be so intense connecting with God is difficult and completely breaking up the rock will take time.

However, Elder Uchtdorf gave us the answer. He taught that light always dispels the darkness. He also said if we become comfortable in the darkness, healing will never come. All spiritual sickness has one thing in common. Darkness!

Someone thinking about suicide will not if they feel His love.

I think mental illness is much the same as spiritual sickness. Elder Uchtdorf taught that all spiritual disease can be healed with light. Light always replaces the darkness. He also said if we become too comfortable in the darkness, light and healing will never come.

If you have depression, consider how you have let darkness creep into your life.

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