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Parents Must Be On Watch
October 07, 2018

Awake From The Sleep Of Hell

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

2 Nephi 1:13

“O that ye would awake; awake from a deep sleep, yea, even from the sleep of hell, and shake off the awful chains by which ye are bound,….”

As parents we can’t be asleep!

Satan’s lies and the philosophies of the world can corrupt our children and lead them down paths that could take years to return wasting precious years of life.

Most importantly, we can’t be asleep to what can kill our children spiritually. We can’t be asleep to the Great And Spacious Building in Lehi’s dream. This was at the beginning part of the Book o Mormon and this Building represented the world. The world can easily distract our children and make them passive and complacent. We must help them overcome the world.

Complacent children are vulnerable to emotional and mental illness.

We must do everything in our power to help our children learn who they are as children of God and what their mission on earth is.

As parents, we can’t be asleep to God’s love and how it changes lives. Our children need His love more than they need entertainment. God’s love is manifested through the Book of Mormon. They will need His love to endure the evils and wickedness of this world.

Our children are living in enemy territory.

Another reason we can’t be complacent is because there are secret combinations in government.

The Sleep Of Hell

We can’t be asleep to the reality of Satan and his determination to destroy our children. He is ruthless with no conscience.

What is the sleep of hell?

The sleep of hell is living in sin. And, the sleep of hell is having no power or influence with God because we have been too attached to the world.

The sleep of hell is reaching the end of our life and realizing what we thought was important was not important at all.

Shake Off The Awful Chains By Which Ye Are Bound

We are chained to “the traditions of our wicked fathers.” The only culture we should follow is the gospel culture. What everyone else is doing it is not a good excuse. We rationalize that if everyone else is doing it then it must be ok. How could they all be wrong?


Satan is a master deceiver and the masses can be deceived. Our most important role as parents is to convert our children to the Lord and do it as young as possible. And, to build their faith and character so they aren’t influenced by the world or by what man thinks. Also to strengthen their character so they will do the right thing even at a heavy personal cost.

What are the chains that we are bound? These are false beliefs about ourselves, about God and the world. These false beliefs surface over and over again being entrenched in our soul to the point it becomes the chains and fetters of hell.

Elder Quentin L. Cook related this in one of this recent talks;

“In one recent obituary tribute for the father of 13 children, it was reported his “loyalty to daily prayer and scripture study profoundly influenced his children, giving them an immovable foundation of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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