The Difference Between Basic And Advance Faith Is Your Ability To Stand Firm Against Evil And Make Important Righteous Things Happen

But If Not

Dennis E. Simmons


Faith is one of those topics to me that is both very basic and deep and advanced. In this talk Elder Simmons touches on in my opinion a little bit about the differences between the basic faith and advance faith.

Some elements of faith are both basic and advance. Believing in something you cant see is an example of both basic and advance faith. Hope is another aspect of basic and advance faith.

Basic Faith

Basic faith in my opinion is a mere belief, a sort of hope or wish or dream. The prophets teach that hope is a foundation of faith in any level. No matter how good your life is it can always be better. You can always receive more of God's gifts and spiritual blessings. Don't ever put a limit on what God can do for you. You probably tend to put limits on God because you experienced a setback or discouragement and automatically assumed that God does not answer prayers.

Advance Faith

Advance faith is the courage to take action. Advance faith is the ability to do things and make important things happen. Advance faith is the moral courage to do what is right no matter what. Psychologists have studied the human tendency to follow the crowd even if the crowd is doing the wrong thing. Peer pressure is extremely strong. Advance faith is going against the crowd for the right.

Advance faith is Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac. The Lord told Abraham he would have great posterity specifically through Isaac and not another son. Advance faith is to do what the Lord tells you to do (through the prophets) even if it goes against everything you know or think to be true.

There is a difference between unbelief and false belief. In my opinion unbelief has more to do with ignorance. Unbelief is much better than false belief. Unbelief can be overcome through proper education.

False belief on the other hand is deep rooted. Have you ever argued with someone and attempted to get them to change their minds, it is almost impossible. False belief is what is referred to in the scriptures as the chains and fetters of Satan.

A simple example is something early psychologists used to teach about anger. They taught that if you are angry you should let it out or blow it off. This is absolutely false. How can you demonstrate your anger in front of another through yelling, throwing things etc and not stir up contention and cause serious relationship problems.

President Monson teaches that anger is never justified. Current psychologists support President Monson and teach that blowing off steam only causes more problems.

People who were taught that yelling, screaming and throwing things were a good way to get anger out of your system are in for a long frustrating life relationship wise. This is all because they believed in some false ideas. Since it came from an authority figure (psychologist) they believed it to be true.

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