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The Command To Be One
March 08, 2015

The Command To Be One

The Things Of My Soul

Joseph Smith saw the importance of being one and united, and he also understood individual effort when he said, “great things depend on individual exertion.”

Therefore, exercising individual agency (action) is how you build and advance a group that is meant to be united. As a result, Satan tries hard to cause you to take it easy and let others do the hard work of saving souls and the world. Satan would have you believe that salvation is communal, meaning you can be saved by simply being a member of a group such as being nothing more than a member of the true church. Selfishness is a major obstacle for enjoying a united group, and the work of salvation.

Joseph also said, “…let every selfish feeling be not only buried, but annihilated….”

What a deep and profound statement. To me it says, selfishness prevents miracles from happening in your own life and in others. Selfishness in my mind robs us of deep joy and happiness.

Sacrifice and service are core ways in developing a soul that swims in deep waters instead of wading through ankle or knee deep waters. It develops a deep soul and character that is powerful.

Love, sacrifice and service are necessary for a united group, and God tirelessly labors to unite us, but Satan is the destroyer. Additionally, Lucifer is well organized and because of his skill he is able to snare a lot of people.

Unity begins in our hearts. Consequently, Prejudices, hatred, unrighteous judgment, vice, and ungodliness must be purged from our hearts. That sounds hard, but this is the Lord’s work and He can fundamentally change us. We must want it because God will not force us to receive great blessings or open to us wonderful opportunities. Similarly, He will give us the spiritual gifts we need.

Jesus Christ bought us with His blood through His atonement; therefore, we are not our own. We belong to Jesus Christ, and as a result, deep and abiding joy is achieved by consecrating your life to Jesus Christ.

Elder Maxwell taught that overcoming selfishness is heavy lifting, because it requires great work to peel off our layers of selfishness. As a result, it demands constant vigilance.

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