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Becoming Christlike
September 20, 2013

Becoming Christlike Is The Greatest Mark Of Achievement You Can Receive

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

“Who among all the Saints in these last days, can consider himself as good as our Lord? Who is as perfect? Who is as pure? Who is as holy as He was? Are they to be found? He never transgressed or broke a commandment or a law of heaven- no deceit was in His mouth, neither was guile found in His heart…Where is one like Christ? He cannot be found on earth.”

Satan is real and he has great power. His power is not greater than Jesus’ power. Even with our best and most vigilant efforts, Satan sometimes still breaks through our defenses. Vanity presses upon us everywhere we go. The world shouts loud and it is easy to get caught up in the mainstream of society.

“None ever were perfect but Jesus; and why was he perfect? Because He was the Son of God, and had the fullness of the Spirit, and greater power than any man.”

Jesus Christ had overwhelming knowledge and intelligence as a boy. As a boy Jesus Christ “could reason the wisest and most profound doctors of law and divinity, and make their theories and practice to appear like folly compared with the wisdom He possessed.”

Even though there is nobody like Christ on this earth, Joseph Smith called us to try. Joseph called you and I to be meek as Christ. Christ was meek when He was tortured by others. He loved his enemies, even healing them as they were preparing to crucify Him.

Joseph Smith called us to be as holy and pure and chaste and perfect as Christ is. He said to remember that Jesus Christ is always watching.

When you remember Jesus Christ and think about His life and his holiness and perfections, it softens your heart and causes it to melt.

Just thinking about Jesus Christ changes you for the better.

Jesus Christ has called us to be perfect in all things. The day will come when Jesus Christ will return to the earth. You will be ready and worthy to meet Him and remain with Him as you work with all your heart, might, mind and strength to be perfect as Jesus Christ is.

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