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The Importance Of The Book of Mormon
October 01, 2012

The Importance Of The Book Of Mormon

The Book of Mormon unlocks the Bible, because there are many precious truths that were lost in the Bible. The Book of Mormon has the fullness of the gospel. This doesn't mean that the Book of Mormon has the entire gospel, no book can do that.

What it does mean is the Book of Mormon has all the necessary truths and teachings required for you to gain eternal life.

Some Important Lessons You Can Learn From The Book Of Mormon

This is clearly not an exhaustive list but just a few interesting connections.

  1. Courage of people who sighted with the Lord on every issue.
  2. Repentance: The Book of Mormon has several tremendous examples of the Lord's mercy and willingness to forgive wicked people who turned out to be powerful instruments in His hands.
  3. Missionary work.
  4. People who suffered tested and were tried.
  5. Prophets: The Book of Mormon gives you a glimpse of the heart of a prophet. So many times the Lord sent a prophet for the last time to warn a wicked group of people worthy of destruction. These prophets were their last hope. These prophets also knew that they were going into a hostile crowd and may not return; but they did it out of love for the people they hoped to save and for the Lord.
  6. Patience.
  7. Outlines the mission of Joseph Smith.
  8. Mostly the Book of Mormon identifies the mission, life and work of the Savior. There is no other book of scripture that has more verses and references about Jesus Christ than the Book of Mormon.
  9. The atonement. There is no other book of canonized scripture that teaches more clearly about the Lord's atonement.
  10. The Book of Mormon is a type of the second coming.

The Book of Mormon has a lot of war in it, and lessons we can learn.

  • When to go to war.
  • Effects war has on the righteous.
  • The cost of liberty.
  • What to do about prisoners.
  • What causes war.

The speaker also talked about steps to have your calling and election made sure;

  1. Show courage and sight with the Lord on every issue.
  2. Repent.
  3. Missionary work.
  4. Suffer, be tested and tried.
  5. Follow the prophet.
  6. Be patient.

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