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The Importance Of Having Confidence In God
February 15, 2014

Confidence In God And A Strong Character Will See You Through Any Trial

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith said a strong character is necessary for being firm in enduring to the end in your trials.

Joseph Smith said, “Having confidence in the power, wisdom, and love of God, the Saints have been enabled to go forward through the most adverse circumstances, and frequently, when to all human appearances, nothing but death presented itself, and destruction [seemed] inevitable, has the power of God been manifest, His glory revealed, and deliverance effected; and the Saints, like the children of Israel, who came out of the land of Egypt and through the Red Sea, have sung an anthem of praise to his holy name.”

The early pioneers faced the most extreme circumstances. The jaws of death were continually open before them. Their faith was tested right up to their breaking point, but they didn't break. God came through for them. Why did God wait? In truth, He was helping all along the way, but He chose not to make it easy. The pioneers gained a knowledge through personal experience that God lives and has all power. The pioneers on the Martin Handcart Company probably suffered through the most, but they said it was a pleasure because they came to know their God through their excruciating experiences.

Joseph Smith said, “I know that the cloud will burst, and Satan’s kingdom be laid in ruins, with all his black designs; and that the Saints will come forth like gold seven times tried in the fire, being made perfect through sufferings and temptations, and that the blessings of heaven and earth will be multiplied upon their heads; which may God grant for Christ’s sake.”

Confidence in God will see you through anything.

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