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How A Man Can Lead His Family In Righteousness
January 03, 2018

Righteous Leadership

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

2 Nephi 2:7

“Behold, he offereth himself a sacrifice for sin, to answer the ends of the law.”

Leadership of the father is not to make all the decisions for the marriage and family. We are taught to have an equal relationship, which means couples should council together in all things. These council meetings should be done frequently if not weekly.

The father should take responsibility for the family. He should offer himself for the good of the marriage and family by placing the needs and welfare of his wife and children before his own personal interests, hobbies, and especially the amount of sports men often watch.

Righteous leadership is all about love and sacrifice. Sacrificing something important for something more important. The relationship with your wife is more important than any other mortal relationship. For example, men typically don’t crave conversation the way women do. I think that is why husbands should support and assist your wife getting together with her girlfriends because despite our best efforts she will still need conversation with her girlfriends.

Another sacrifice a father can offer is to obtain the gifts of quick to observe and the gift of discernment. He can’t be blind to the status of the marriage and the condition of his family. This is what couple council meetings accomplish. I think few women expect the marriage and family to be perfect; however, she expects we are working to make things better. If it is not quite up to standard, she will at least have hope knowing we are trying. However, if she thinks we are blind despite discussing it in council meetings and are doing nothing or little about it, she might lose hope in the relationship.

Your wife needs to know that you are trying and really care.

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