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Creation And The Exalted Role Of Women
August 28, 2012

Creation And The Exalted Role Of Women

Symbolism is critically important in the gospel. The first thing created was light, and the last was women. Jesus Christ created the world under the direction of the Father with Adam at His right hand. This is God showing us His leadership mindset. God shares His power.

God waited until everything was set to bring women to earth. He saved the best for last. Eve’s creation and purpose was a lot more than being a helpmeet for Adam. The prophets are not timid in declaring God’s feelings toward women. The first person Christ visited after His resurrection was to a woman. Some of the things the prophets have said about women are.

  • Women are the keystone in the priesthood arch of creation.
  • Women are God’s supreme creation.
  • The whole creation would have been in vain without women.

The keystone is in the middle of the arch of the top, and it secures the arch. Everything falls apart without the keystone. It is more than women are the keystone; it is because of whom they are. God granted women with spiritual gifts that men do not have.

Three Messages For The Men of The World, Especially For The Priesthood Men

  1. Be worthy and clean. Abusing women will bring on the wrath of God more than anything else. One of the reasons why sexual sins are serious (right under murder) is because of the damage it does to women. Pornography destroys. It not only corrupts and pollutes the mind and soul of the man who looks at it, but it denigrates women. Pornography in general demeans women overall, but it causes tremendous heartache to the individual wife. Many place trust higher than love and infidelity kill both. When you toy with women you toy directly with God. Lust is serious, and to avoid it requires us to cleanse our eyes and hearts.
  2. Do more to honor the women in our lives. Satan has degraded women, and it is our (the men) job to put them on a pedestal. When we marry, our most important calling is to our wives. Our primary mission is exaltation, to bring her into the presence of God and into His kingdom. Obviously the man doesn’t have the power to do this, it is a team effort through the atonement of Christ.
  3. Fight every temptation to be away from our wives. The Stake President commented on a common lie, which is to justify work that takes you away from the home so you can make millions with the objective to give back large sums in tithing and offerings. Satan makes us think that money is the measure of success and happiness. The prophets are also clear that your greatest happiness that you will have in this life other than your knowledge of God is with your wife.

The Stake President related a statistic that many kids (presumably boys) before they finish the 6th grade have experimented with bodily actions that will get them sexually addicted. He must have been referring to things like masturbation, and obviously pornography. Fathers must sit down with their sons and talk about these things. With the liberalization and the improper sex education in schools, this will only become more of a problem and a greater need for parents to re-educate their kids from the corruption they learn in schools. Grandparents should not wring your hands and say it is not your problem.

Righteous leadership is to share your power, not holding onto it. The prophets are direct and clear when they say that any man who abuses his wife or uses unrighteous dominion is not worthy of his priesthood. The priesthood does not make the man better than women or his wife. Unrighteous dominion by the man is when his attitude is “my way or the highway,” or when he commands and orders his wife around. Unrighteous dominion is when the marriage relationship is not equal, when he makes all the decisions. Regularly holding couple council meetings, where you plan together and resolve issues in a spirit of love is vital for unity.

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