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Eternal Marriage
August 15, 2013

Eternal Marriage In The Temple Extends Beyond Death

Gospel Basics Series: Laws And Ordinances

The family is the basic unit of the church. Marriage is between a man and a woman and is the only form of marriage that is ordained and accepted by God. Your greatest joys and sorrows are in marriage.

Creating human life is sacred and should only be done within marriage. Children without both a mother and father are at a severe disadvantage.

From the very beginning God planned that marriage be eternal, which means to extend beyond death. When marriage is performed under His authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood in the Temple it can be eternal. Every other marriage outside the temple ends at death.

Being married in the temple is the highest ordinance and covenant you make with God. You covenant with each other that you will be loyal to one another and to love each other. The prophets teach that selfishness is the greatest reason why couples divorce.

Fathers and Mothers have different roles in the family. The father’s role is;

  1. Preside
  2. Provide
  3. Protect

The mother has a huge role of nurturing her children.

The best analogy I have heard concerning the family is that of climbing a mountain together. The husband and wife are directly tied together. The siblings are tied to each other and they are tied to the parents. If the rope between the parents is cut the entire family falls. In reality, the family works together to achieve its mission of climbing to the top of the mountain. If one of the children falls, they might bring down one or two of his brothers and sisters.

Satan is bound and determined to destroy the family in general and your family specifically. All the efforts of the church are to strengthen your family. Years ago the church instituted the Family Home Evening (FHE) to help build the family. Monday nights were set apart for FHE, but doing it specifically on Monday nights is not what is most important. The point of FHE is for the entire family to get together, be taught the gospel and feel the spirit. It is also a time to have fun. The government of Heaven is the family. The family is how Heaven is organized. Exaltation in the presence of God is only possible through the family.

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