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Faith In Jesus Christ
July 26, 2013

Faith Is Centered In Jesus Christ Who Has Ultimate Power

Gospel Basics Series: The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel. We can’t do much without faith. Having faith in Jesus Christ means that you believe that He is the Only Begotten Son of God and your Savior and Redeemer.

Faith is accepting that we can only return to God’s presence through Jesus Christ. We exercise faith when we apply the Lord’s atonement and live His teachings.

Trusting in Jesus Christ is vital. Faith is to believe in Jesus but also to believe Him. The distinction between the two is important because many believe that Jesus is real and that His gospel is true. Many have a hard time believing that the great blessings and wonders of the gospel will be made active in their own life. They don’t accept that Jesus desires to be a powerful force in your life every day of your life and not in some distant future day.

Faith is believing in the Lord’s characteristics. There are many qualities that make Him God. His power is a significant quality. He has power to fulfill all His words and promises. There is only one gospel. That means if you learn it and believe it, the promises will come to pass for you personally.

Heavenly Father wants us to have faith in Jesus Christ, and will bless us when we exercise faith in the Lord.

Faith is a principle of action. It motivates us to do something. Repentance is a fruit of faith. Repentance is to change our lives and live according to how He would have us live. We become more like God when we repent.

You and I will always make mistakes in this world. We show our love for God when we do all we can to resist sin, and by keeping His commandments. Prayer is another way to exercise faith and draw near to Him. God commands us to pray for strength to resist temptation.

We should build faith in the individual principles and teachings of the gospel. We increase our faith when we hear or read the gospel.

Tithing is a good example. Not every member has the faith to pay tithing, some feel that they can’t afford to pay it. But in reality you can’t afford not to because the Lord has promised help if you pay tithing. Tithing can be a test for individuals and families who are struggling financially. Paying tithing and seeing how the Lord somehow provides for you increases your faith in the principle of tithing.

The way to build faith in an individual principle is to learn it, ponder it, understand it and then apply it and then watch the Lord fulfill the promises.

Being obedient is a powerful way of taking action in faith. God blesses us when we obey Him. He gives you strength and power to meet your challenges. He can change your heart and mind. Christ will turn to you as you turn to Him through faith. He will soften your heart, change your desires and enlighten your mind.

He can heal you both physically and spiritually if you have faith in Him.

Jesus Christ is a God who can work miracles in your life, but you must have faith in Him for Christ to perform your needed miracles.

Jesus Christ taught through President Thomas S. Monson, that your future is as bright as your faith. Nothing is impossible to the Lord, but He works according to your faith.

The Lord also said that He would try your faith. The Lord wants to know if He can assign you to special missions. He already knows what you can do but He wants you to know for yourself. He wants you to have confidence in doing things with the help of God.

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