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Faith In Jesus Christ
August 19, 2013

Obtaining Faith Is To Learn About Jesus Christ And His Mission

Gospel Basics Series: Christlike Attributes

Faith is centered in Jesus Christ as a living person and in His characteristics, attributes and powers. Developing faith requires you learn about the details of Jesus Christ. An essential detail of the Lord’s life is that He lived a perfect life. Another one is that He was a God in the pre-existence and condescended to earth as both God and man. Faith is to learn the details of His life such as He lived a perfect life without sin. Jesus Christ was born to a mother who was conceived by the spirit of God.

The most important detail about Jesus Christ is that He is the Savior of the world. Nobody can enter God’s kingdom without Jesus Christ. It is impossible to bypass Jesus Christ in your quest for salvation.

Having faith in Jesus Christ is more than knowing the details of His life. Faith is accepting His gospel and His mission in life. His gospel constitutes everything that is spoken from the mouths of His prophets.

Jesus Christ’s mission was to establish His church, teach the gospel and do it through personal example, work miracles, and perform the atonement. His atonement was the primary purpose for the life of Jesus Christ. The atonement of Jesus Christ is the center of God's plan, without it everything would have been ruined.

Too many people think the gospel applies to someone else but not them. Satan has been able to deceive some that Jesus Christ atoned for others but not them. Some believe that they can’t acquire divine power. Faith is to believe and accept that the gospel and the atonement apply to you personally. This means that you too can develop Godly power, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman.

An apostle of God said that everyone who makes it into God’s kingdom will have one thing in common. Everyone who returns to heaven to live with God will have been forgiven of sins they have committed and have learned to forgive others. Heaven will not be filled with people who lived perfect lives. It will be full of people who knew how to repent.

Faith is trusting in Jesus Christ. You can’t trust Jesus if you don’t know His attributes. Jesus Christ is a God who is in the likeness of God the Father. The Godhood of Jesus Christ gives Him all power, all knowledge and a fullness of every divine attribute.

I can say with surety that Jesus Christ is not learning anything new. He knows it all. You could not have faith in Him if you thought that there was something that He hasn’t quite grasped yet. This false belief could lead you to believe that maybe your situation is an exception to where Christ doesn’t know what to do.

There is no condition of man that Jesus Christ doesn’t know how to reach.

Faith is a belief in the love of Jesus Christ. He is always knocking on the door waiting for you to open a door that only you can open because the doorknob is not on His side.

Faith motivates you to act, specifically to repent. Other ways to act are giving selfless service and being obedient to Him. Faith is to keep His commandments. Learning the gospel increases faith. Ask questions.

Being righteous in the dark is an aspect of faith. It is not faith if you know the end from the beginning. In many ways marriage is a leap of faith, because you don’t have a sure knowledge of how it will turn out.

Faith is the opposite of pride. Faith requires humility to discover what the Lord wants from you. Pride is opposing and fighting against the will of God for your life. It is doing what you want to do instead of what He wants you to do.

The Lord will empower you to work miracles when you do His will. But it will require diligence and hard work. His desire for you is to reach your full potential.

Faith is power. God works by power, and you can be His hands doing powerful things through Him. His power is shown in response of your faith.

Doubt and fear kill faith. Doubt and fear come from Satan and not God.

How do you increase your faith and thereby receive more power from God to work miracles in His name? Bullet List

  • The words of God (The scriptures)
  • Prayer
  • Dedicated service
  • Sacrifice
  • Obedience to the promptings of the spirit you feel
  • Keeping the commandments
  • Learning about Jesus Christ

Faith is also confidence in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is how you receive the power of God and the gifts of God. It is important to know when you are under the influence of the Holy Ghost, so that you will respond to it. Doing things that chase away the Holy Ghost weakens your faith and power.

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