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Follow The Prophet
August 07, 2013

If You Follow The Prophet You Will Not Be Deceived By Satan

Gospel Basics Series: The Commandments

God is the source of all truth. He never changes. Truth never changes. Truth is knowledge of things as they were, are and will be. Truth does not change to accommodate societal, cultural or political trends. You can build your faith on truth because truth never changes. God only teaches the truth. Satan on the other hand, is the father of all lies, and will mix lies with truth to confuse you. His lies are why he has so much success. He knows how to flatter. God wants everyone to know the truth.

God reveals truths necessary for the salvation of all men through the prophets. The prophets mission is to teach the word of God to the entire world. You receive personal revelation through studying their words. God blesses you when you study their words.

Jesus Christ built the church on the foundation of apostles and prophets. Jesus Christ will not allow his prophet to lead the church and the world astray.

Joseph Smith was the first prophet of this the last dispensation of the fullness of times. Joseph Smith was called to be prophet directly by God the Father and Jesus Christ. Peter, James and John, visited Joseph and gave him the priesthood. Many other prophets from the Bible visited Joseph and gave him the keys of salvation.

Joseph Smith received all the keys necessary for salvation. These keys have been passed down in an unbroken chain down to our current prophet.

We frequently have the opportunity to sustain the apostles and prophets. To sustain means to support. To support them is to obtain their words and follow it, and we know that God will not let them deceive us.

The prophets will help you avoid the calamities of life, both personal and world traumas. You can avoid unnecessary personal misery and sorrow. The world is anything but stable. The prophets are a sure anchor that will keep you from being blown around from the world’s constant changing values.

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