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The Power Of Friendship
September 01, 2012

The Power Of Friendship

A great experience happened in John 4 to a woman at the well who felt rejected by society. She could be symbolic for failure and not having your dreams fulfilled. Jesus Christ asked her for water. He was also talking to someone who was social taboo. She had taken upon herself the worth that others had set for her. We also tend to pick up beliefs about ourselves because of others.

Jesus Christ asking her for water is a great illustration of His humility. There is nobody too low on the social ladder for Him to reach. She was someone of great worth and even she had something of value to give to Christ.

Everyone you and I will ever meet even if it is a beggar on the street has life experiences and knowledge that can enrich our life.

Christ showed genuine concern to the woman, and because of that she spread His name. The Lord's absolute concern and real friendship and had a significant healing influence on her.

Friendship can do wonders in the life of others. One way to develop lasting friendships with others is to connect on a personal level, to cut through the walls and get them to talk about their lives. Conversations often start with things like the weather, but in order to connect you need to get to matters of the heart.

A good question to connect on a deeper level is ask them to think of two or three incidents in their life that were turning points.

Superficial skills don't transform relationships, but getting to the core does. When the other person begins talking about his/her passion, core beliefs and passions you know you are connecting on a deeper level.

Even communication skills are superficial if hearts are hard and unwilling to open up.

Researches found that marriage couples who are the happiest are also great friends.

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