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Gifts A Man Can Give His Wife
June 23, 2017

Give Your Wife The Gift of Spiritual Leadership And Power

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 15: 36- “and it is the greatest of all the gifts of God.”

Eternal Life is the greatest gift God can give us!

What is the greatest gift a man can give his wife?

The greatest gift he can give is to bring her back to Heavenly Father. How can he do this? Be a real leader! Be the kind of man and husband that she would want to follow. She doesn’t want to follow a spiritually weak man. She wants a man with the power of Godliness and a man who can protect the home and family against Satan. A man who knows how to harden the target (the home) so Satan will not attack. She wants to follow a man who walks with Christ and therefore has the power to break mountains, defy the armies of nations, subdue principalities and powers, break every band, stand in the presence of God and many other marvelous powers.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for every man to follow. For example, Christ didn’t say go thither, but He said come follow me!

The greatest gift he could give her is putting God first in his life by loving Him with all his heart, might, mind and strength, then make her second most important in his life by sacrificing deeply for her. Additionally eliminating selfishness is a huge gift because that is a major cause of divorce.

He can overcome selfishness by asking her this question every day suggested by Dr. John L. Lund; “What is one thing I can do for you today that would mean the most to you?”

If he asked her this question every day he would speak her love language.

Another good question I saw online is, “when did you feel loved today?”

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