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God Will Not Leave You Alone In Your Affliction
March 05, 2014

God Will Not Leave You To Yourself In Your Affliction

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

The Gospel is how you gain the power to stand up under the burden of affliction. You have this assurance, the greater the persecution the greater gifts God will bestow upon His church. As the world becomes more evil and wicked, God will compensate for it by endowing His disciples with greater gifts. The wicked may be getting more wicked, but the righteous are become more righteous and more spiritually powerful.

Some people are killed and become martyrs for Christ. Eternally, that is no problem for they receive the eternal glory of a martyr.

The time will come when Christ will take vengeance upon His enemies and those who disobey the Gospel.

Joseph taught the trials you go through will work together for your good and prepare you worthy to commune with a society who has been tried and tested.

Most of Joseph Smith’s life was a never ending circle of affliction. Interestingly enough, like Paul he gloried in his tribulation. He knew that Jesus Christ was all-powerful, and could deliver him from anything.

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