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Power Comes Through Testing And Trial
March 09, 2014

God Will Try And Test His Faithful So That You Can Become Powerful Men And Women Of God

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith said, “There is no safety, only in the arm of Jehovah. None else can deliver, and he will not deliver unless we do prove ourselves faithful to him in the severest trouble. For he that will have his robes washed in the blood of the Lamb must come up through great tribulation, even the greatest of all affliction.”

God will not do injustice to anyone. If you desire to follow Jesus Christ and be like Him you will face tribulation. There is a process of intense purification to be one of Christ’s soldiers. There is a boot camp of sorts to become powerful disciples of Christ.

God will purge us as gold. If you want to be spiritually powerful, God will give you a crucible to go through. You will be given trials equal to that of the ancients such as Abraham.

Joseph also said, "You will have all kinds of trials to pass through. And it is quite as necessary for you to be tried as it was for Abraham and other men of God, and (said he) God will feel after you, and He will take hold of you and wrench your very heart strings, and if you cannot stand it you will not be fit for an inheritance in the Celestial Kingdom of God."

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