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The World's Only Hope
April 06, 2014

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Save The World

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

The world is in darkness and many are “crowding the road to death without ever giving heed to the cheering sound of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Joseph Smith.

Joseph lamented about the wickedness during his time. Immorality and Godlessness has only increased ten fold since Joseph Smith’s days. The world today has only become darker and more threatening. Therefore, the tidings of the gospel of Jesus Christ are indeed great joy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer to the world’s problems. Becoming a disciple of Christ and living the gospel gives you a way out of the deplorable condition that the world is in.

The tidings of great joy are these;

  • A God (Jesus Christ) condescended to earth, lived a perfect life, taught the gospel, did His Father’s will, and atoned for the sins of everyone.
  • You can know God and return His presence.
  • You can receive celestial glory.
  • You can become an heir with Jesus Christ and God the Father.

There will be a cleansing in the last days of all that is filthy and corrupt. The gospel is a warning voice and way of living to be pure enough to live through the destruction.

Joseph Smith gave a powerful statement about those who make covenants with God. “May God grant us to perform our vows and covenants with each other, in all fidelity and righteousness before Him, that our influence may be felt among the nations of the earth, in mighty power, even to rend the kingdoms of darkness asunder, and triumph over priestcraft and spiritual wickedness in high places, and break in pieces all kingdoms that are opposed to the kingdom of Christ, and spread the light and truth of the everlasting Gospel from the rivers to the ends of the earth.”

Joseph Smith warned that Satan, hell, the world and earth will combine against those who preach His gospel; but said Jesus Christ will stand by them and they will not be overtaken.

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