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The world thinks humility and meekness as a weakness
May 10, 2015

Humility Is Not Hiding Your Gifts And Talents From The World

The Things Of My Soul

The Things Of My Soul: The Book of Mormon

Alma 17:29

Secularism is when Satan mixes truth with lies until you accept it, and it becomes a normal way of life. Eventually, you believe something evil is good. As a result, secularism is a major way Satan destroys our society by corrupting our minds and beliefs.

Socialism is a perfect example. For a long time, prophets have warned against socialism and how it will destroy our freedoms if we adopt it. Corrupt politicians have twisted it to such a degree that many people accept it.

The world sees humility and meekness as weakness, but the truth is meekness is a condition for His grace, which is the Lord's enabling or strengthening power. Personal weaknesses are a blessing in disguise; because it softens our hearts to the point we rely on God more than ourselves. Therefore, God intentionally gives us weaknesses so we will

Satan exploits this false idea of weakness by causing you to be self-conscious about your talents so that you hide them and don't share them with the world.

President Urchtdorf taught that humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking less about yourself. Humility is not about beating yourself up or feeling you are worthless, and it is not about withholding your skills and talents from the world.

Additionally, God desires that you seek after many gifts, even the gifts of the spirit.

The great missionary Ammon is a great example of humility. He was not timid in displaying the power of God because he had a strong desire to bring people to Christ.

Anytime you use your gifts and powers of God to serve others you are increasing your humility. As a result, you should desire all the gifts of God, and the scriptures promise that you can have several if you desire them.

Consequently, the more gifts of the Spirit you have, the more powerful disciple you will be and a more influential instrument in God's hands.

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