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Children are holy and pure before the Lord and don't need baptism
April 06, 2015

Children Don't Need Baptism Because Of The Atonement of Jesus Christ

The Things Of My Soul

Atonement Series

Moroni 8:20; Jesus Christ has special rights to little children because of His atonement; therefore, they don't need baptism whatsoever of any kind. Children are born innocent, pure and holy before the Lord. That must be part of the reason why the Lord said anyone who offends children it is better that they had a millstone placed around their necks and drowned in the sea, and that they were never born. I don't think Christ has ever said that about any other sin, even murder. Mistreating children is extremely serious.

The Final Judgment will be miserable for those who abuse children.

Jesus Christ has a special love for children. The Apostles say when God wants to change the world, He sends a baby to the world. Also, Satan doesn't have the power to tempt children. If they do bad things or things we would consider a sin, it is all because of their environment, not because they have a sinful character.

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