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The Key To Wealth
October 03, 2012

The Key To Wealth

The secret to wealth is not keeping what you have but giving it away in charity. This is according to research done by Arthur Brooks who wrote an article titled Why Giving Matters.

He understood that charity was important for your individual happiness and prosperity, but he was researching his theory of you have money before you give it away. He discovered through his research that his theory was wrong. God blesses you abundantly when you give, and if you wait until you have money you are putting off wealth.

He talked about John D. Rockefeller, and how the majority of successful entrepreneurs has a strong belief set that the reason why they became successful is because they gave a lot to charity. They believe that God gave them their wealth specifically so they would give it away, and if they stopped giving away money to charity, God would take away their prosperity.

It turns out that successful and happy people give as much as they can to charity even when they don't have much. Waiting until you have money to give away is a mistake.

Giving decreases your stress and makes you into a happier person. Giving actually changes your brain. Your very nature changes through giving.

You don't have to be in an official leadership position to be a leader. No matter who you are, people are watching you. Your example influences others. When they see you give, it inspires them to do the same.

When we are at our healthy self, we naturally want to give. Arthur says it is a myth that people are naturally selfish.

He also warns against government taking over our role and stewardship for giving to charity. There is a grave danger when government assumes our rightful role to take care of each other. By allowing the government to replace us, as givers will make us poorer, unhappier and less healthy.

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