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The Kingdoms Of Glory
July 24, 2013

The Celestial Kingdom Is Where God Lives

Gospel Basics Series: The Plan of Salvation

God gave us our agency so we could choose good over evil. He also allowed Satan to tempt us to prove that we follow God. God will reward us according to our works and our desires.

Because God rewards us according to our deeds, He has created different kingdoms for us. We will be assigned our kingdom after the final judgment.

Jesus Christ will only reward the highest kingdom to those who repent of their sins, receive the ordinances of the gospel, and keep the covenants. Christ will wash you clean through His atonement and make you worthy of His highest kingdom if you do your part.

The highest kingdom is the Celestial Kingdom. The scriptures compare the Celestial Kingdom to the glory of the sun. They will live in God’s presence, become a God like Him, and receive a fullness of joy. They will live with members of their family who qualified for the highest kingdom.

People who did not accept Jesus Christ, his gospel and the required covenants and ordinances but who lived honorable lives will also receive a kingdom of glory but it will be a lower one. Jesus Christ will give them the Terrestrial kingdom. Scriptures compare this kingdom to the moon.

Wicked people who refused to repent of the horrible things they did in life will receive the lowest kingdom. They receive the telestial kingdom and it is compared to the light that the stars give off.

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