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The Law of Sacrifice
September 08, 2013

The Law Of Sacrifice Increases The Power Of The Atonement In Your Life

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

The world could not be saved without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father’s plan called for a Savior. Jesus Christ stepped forward to offer Himself as a sacrifice and to be the Savior for all mankind. He did it out of complete selflessness. The atonement was an act of ultimate love. The atonement was hard for the Lord and even asked the Father if there was another way, but there was not. Above everything, Jesus Christ cared the most about doing Heavenly Father’s will.

Jesus Christ made it possible for us to enter into His presence.

The gospel and the plan of redemption were made known to Adam and Eve, the first people on earth. Abel one of Adam’s sons offered a sacrifice that Christ accepted because it was done in faith and in the correct ordained manner.

How we sacrifice matters. Denying yourself ice cream because it is unhealthy may improve your health but will not add to your faith or increase your power and influence with God. Fasting combined with prayer and giving fast offerings will build faith and your power and influence with God. Adam had another son named Cain whose sacrifice was not accepted by the Lord. Cain’s sacrifice was not done in faith or in the ordained way that had a claim on the atonement.

Before the time of Christ, sacrifice involved shedding the blood of animals in anticipation of Christ's atonement. The Law of Moses was fulfilled with the life of Christ; therefore, He terminated the shedding of animals for sacrifice. Now the sacrament is replaced with shedding the blood of animals for a sacrifice.

The sacrifice then and now is to direct our minds towards Jesus Christ and always remember Him. Making this kind of sacrifice is to prepare you for the time when you meet Him personally.

All the commandments of God are designed to help you rely on Jesus Christ who is the author of your salvation.

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