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The Power And Influence of The Real Christ
November 29, 2017

What Think Ye Of Christ?

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

2 Nephi 2:8

“Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth.”

What are these things?

It is Jesus Christ, who He is and what He did! Satan’s war has always been against Jesus Christ. Satan wins everything if he can deceive the world of who Christ is. Ideally, he would love that we never speak of Him. However, Satan knows this is not completely possible because many hearts and lives have been fundamentally changed because of Christ. People who have been snatched from darkness and the pains of hell and brought into His glorious light and love cannot remain silent. The story of the gospel over and over again is taking wicked people living in hell and turning their lives around to people who follow Christ and thus enjoy a peace that surpasses understanding. The Sons of Mosiah and Alma in the Book of Mormon are good examples of wicked people turned righteous and then working impressive miracles for the Lord.

Therefore, because Satan can’t keep the converted quiet, he raises up false Christ’s. Additionally, he teaches a broken and weakened Christ. Certainly he can’t let the world know that Jesus Christ is Lord and God, that He is the creator, the Savior/Redeemer, and the Final Judge.

If Satan Can At Least Settle For A Christ Who Was Merely A Prophet

However, he doesn’t necessarily have to dumb down the power and role of Christ. If Satan can make the world much more appealing and entertaining to us than Christ; then it doesn’t matter much even if we believe that Jesus Christ is God. If the world (pop culture) influences us more than the Lord’s life and teachings, then Christ might as well just be a prophet instead of God.

As Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, if Christ is resurrected then He is God and faith is a real power.

Our children should be the first inhabitants to know these things. If they love Christ more than the world as children, then they will do impossible things for the Lord as youth. Furthermore, if they can work miracles for the Lord as youth imagine what they could do as adults. These adults will not have much catching up to do because they didn’t waste away their childhood and adolescents in mindlessness.

Everything depends on Jesus Christ!

Ultimately, the most important question of life and eternity is,

What Think Ye of Christ?

The quality and glory of your life is directly determined by your answer to that question.

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