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The Kingdom of God Is Not Filthy
June 21, 2017

Protect Your Family From Moral Filthiness

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 15:34

“But behold, I say unto you, the kingdom of God is not filthy, and there cannot any unclean thing enter into the kingdom of God; wherefore there must needs be a place of filthiness prepared for that which is filthy.”

Parents cannot be complacent with moral filthiness!

For example mass media celebrates the modern view of sexuality which completely destroys the Christian model. The Christian model is abstinence until marriage and then be completely loyal to your spouse. Additionally, it frowns on divorce and holds up a monogamous marriage (one spouse for a lifetime) as the ideal.

The modern view of sexuality is constantly pushed in mass media. This view doesn’t care that sex outside of marriage is a sin, but is only concerned about protection. Therefore they push condoms. For example, some schools have vending machines with condoms or the administrators hand them out like candy; thus promoting the modern view of sexual anarchy.

Therefore mass media can easily corrupt the minds and hearts of our family. You would be smart to discriminate the media you allow in your home and have clear standards about media usage. For example, the average person watches approximately 5 hours of TV per day. Much of the media is not inherently evil, but almost none of it will increase the spirit.

Additionally, advertisers know sex sells pushing the line of decency further and further away. What was unthinkable decades ago is accepted and common place today. What will mass media be like in 20 or 30 years from now? The door to perversion opens only one way and Hollywood will not close it. In fact, it is in their best interest to open it wider.

At a minimum don’t indiscriminately watch TV!

Is an overall good movie with a few filthy scenes worth the cost of losing the spirit? Everything we do is at the expense of something else. For example, a movie is about 2 hours long and you can never get those two hours back. If nothing else, it prevents you from learning and growing. Furthermore, movies or TV is not a great way to bond as a family. Why? No matter how good the move is, it is a passive way to spend time together even if it is entertaining.

How often do people converse during movies? Almost never!

I am not suggesting you should never watch a movie together. I am suggesting don’t make it your main source of family time.

We are never on neutral ground while watching TV!

Psychological research shows that TV is not relaxing, but actually does the opposite. It increases irritation.

If you live in the Salt Lake City valley, I invite you to join us at church on Sunday's at 1 p.m. We are a mid-singles ward; however, if you have a family please don't let that stop you. Please, join us for for our first meeting which is Sacrament meeting, and make sure you ask someone to introduce you to our ward mission leader. Our address is 7155 South 540 East, Midvale Utah, 84047.

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