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Murmuring and Affliction
February 19, 2014

Do Not Murmur In Affliction But Be Grateful For God’s Goodness

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

Few people now living will go through some of the great afflictions that many of the ancients in the Bible endured. They were glad to do it for Christ’s sake. If you want to be a powerful man or woman of God, you won’t get a free pass from affliction.

Establishing Zion will require purging the dross and worldliness out of us. It requires a pure people that are undefiled before God. Joseph stressed living near to God and being strict in keeping His commandments.

Trusting God and relying on His grace will help you endure to the end.

Despite that Joseph’s life was hardly peaceful, it still brought him great joy. He was able to see past the trials of the day and know that God had great things in the future for him and his people.

We are recipients of tremendous sacrifice from Joseph Smith and the early Saints. Joseph and his brother were ultimately martyred. The Saints were expelled from their homes forcing them to hike across the country enduring unbelievable trials.

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