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The Priesthood Works Under The Powers of Heaven
September 13, 2012

The Priesthood Works Under The Powers of Heaven

“That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.” (D&C 121:36; The Constitution of The Priesthood)

Rights are privileges and privileges can be taken away. The prophets teach that priesthood authority may not equal power. Power in the priesthood comes by personal righteousness. God will not be mocked. God will not give His power to someone who is filthy, even if that he has the authority of the priesthood.

Priesthood men are not entitled to power, and it is not unconditional. You lose it through sin and wickedness.

The Rights Of The Priesthood Inseparably Connected With The Powers of Heaven

Inseparable is a key word. Some synonyms for inseparable are; indivisible, fixed, secure, integrated, intertwined, secure, inalienable, attached, whole, unbreakable, permanent, affiliated, cemented, married, welded, merged.

It is impossible to separate the powers of priesthood from holiness and righteousness.

It behooves priesthood men to know what the powers of heaven are. There is another verse in the Constitution of The Priesthood that sheds light on what some of the powers of heaven might be. I will write about that in another newsletter message.

Sometimes it helps to learn what something is, to learn what it is not. Anytime you act in a prideful manner to control another you lose priesthood power. It says that few people can handle power.

Certainly the attributes of charity are the powers of heaven. Charity is described in scripture as the most important attribute to possess. You are nothing without it, and you can’t stand in the presence of God if you don’t have charity.

The Attributes of Charity (Moroni 7: 45, The Book of Mormon)

  • Long-Suffering
  • Kind
  • Envieth not
  • Not puffed up
  • Seeketh not her own
  • Not easily provoked
  • Thinketh no evil
  • Does not rejoice in iniquity
  • Rejoices in truth
  • Beareth all things
  • Hopeth all things
  • Endureth all things

I don’t claim to fully understand the intricate meaning of that list. Many if not all of them are in direct opposition to the world. Do you think you would ever hear the world teach you to be long-suffering in marriage? I don’t mean enduring abuse, because there should be zero tolerance for abuse of any kind.

Envy is a common trait for many of us. It is the natural man tendency to feel shorted when a friend or associate is blessed with something and to feel resentment if you are not. We have scarcity mentality, and forget that Jesus Christ is all powerful.

We forget that Jesus Christ is the God of this world and He is infinite. He has an unlimited supply of blessings and gifts to give everyone of us. He doesn’t lack anything, and He loves to share.

One of the great challenges of this life is that we don’t understand how the Lord operates. His ways are higher than our ways. The veil doesn’t block His vision like it does us.

A charitable person does not become angry. President Monson said that there are no situations that justify anger. It is a lie that someone can make you angry.

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