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The Return Of Jesus Christ
April 17, 2014

Christ's Return Will Be A Time Of Great Activity

The Presidents Of The Church Series: Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith taught that Jesus Christ would never reveal to anyone the exact day and hour when He will return the second time. If He did, He would certainly reveal the exact day and time to His prophets. The Lord does not reveal His return to his prophets either. The Apostles know the signs. They know the dispensation and what generation when He will return.

Jesus Christ will not come until all the prophecies are fulfilled, and He can make things happen very fast.

Joseph Smith said, “The earth is groaning under corruption, oppression, tyranny and bloodshed; and God is coming out of His hiding places, as He said He would do, to vex the nations of the earth.”

Joseph Smith observed that peace has been taken from parts of the world when he was alive, and he foresaw when peace would be taken from the whole world. He said destructions are at our doors.

The prophets since Adam have looked with great anticipation to the generation that will bring in Jesus Christ. There will be great calamities, plagues and destructions. There will be tremendous evil, and the hearts of men will fail. Despite all this, the power of God will be displayed in awesome power and glory. There is nothing to fear for the pure.

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