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The Word of God Can Save Your Family
November 15, 2017

Satan Is Like A Spy Who Destroys Families From The Inside

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 8: 19- And I beheld a rod of iron, and it extended along the bank of the river, and led to the tree by which I stood.

In Lehi’s dream, people were traveling to the Tree of Life, which represents Jesus Christ. Some succeeded but many failed. The key to success was holding fast to the rod of iron, which represents the word of God. This was the deciding factor. It brought them through the mists of darkness that were Satan’s lies and temptations. Those who didn’t care about the word of God lost their way. Satan’s temptations and lies/deceptions overthrew them. Others were casual and went through the motions and somehow made it to the tree. However, once there, the pressure from the world and the desire to be like the world drew them away from the tree and God’s gifts. For some reason, they thought the world could offer them something greater than God. Insanity!

The Book of Mormon is the greatest marriage and family manual.

In like manner, many families try to be like everyone else and compete with the worldly trends.

Satan is like a covert spy who infiltrates homes and destroys them from the inside. Satan can easily erode families from the inside without detecting anything, until it is too late. Families have no idea they are compromised.

Make your home a gospel centered home! That will protect it from Satan invading and wreaking havoc in your family.

We live in a world that is separating itself from God. Therefore, we don’t know how to build strong marriages and families. The scriptures tell us that the very elect will be deceived. Additionally, Satan sometimes uses scriptures to deceive us. This is why we base everything off scripture. However, if we casually turn to the word of God we will be deceived.

Elder Maxwell said we need to know that important things are important and the unimportant things are not before it is too late. Before we reach the end of our lives on our deathbed’s and realize that what we thought was important was not.

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