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August 17, 2013

Service Refines You And You Serve God By Serving People Around You

Gospel Basics Series: Laws And Ordinances

The apostles and prophets talk a lot about service. It is a powerful way to refine us and make more Christ like. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a great blessing because it gives you abundant opportunities for service. There are times when you will feel stretched too much. See these as times to become perfected.

The Book of Mormon teaches that you serve God when your serve each other. When you are baptized you make a covenant that you will serve. You covenant that you will help other people carry their burdens. Service is to become aware of the needs of others, and give your time, talents and means to meet their needs.

Jesus Christ spent His days in service. He did not judge or discriminate. He spent His time with the sinner. He also spent His time with people who were rejected by society.

When you are baptized, your bishop will do his best to find a job for you to do in the ward. He will issue you a calling. Your calling doesn’t come from the bishop but is inspired through the spirit from the Lord. Jesus Christ called you to it.

You will not be paid for your calling. All the work in the church is voluntary. The local leaders are not paid. When you accept a calling, you are sustained in sacrament meeting. Your name is called out and asked to stand so you can be recognized, and the whole ward is asked to show their support and confidence in you. A priesthood leader will also set you apart to your calling and give you a special priesthood blessing.

The church needs the talents and skills of every member. Every job or calling is important and helps to build up the kingdom of God.

You should never reject a job (calling) when the bishop calls you to it because Jesus Christ called you to it, not the bishop. The Lord knows you perfectly and knows what you can handle. He will stretch you, and give you callings that make you grow. The Lord will never call you to something that you can’t do. The calling may look hard and extremely intimidating, but the Lord will help you grow into it.

When you magnify your calling, the Lord gives you greater spiritual gifts and blessings. Magnifying your calling is to be diligent and make it important to you.

Priesthood leaders are called to be home teachers. Home teachers visit families in their homes of members to teach the gospel and make sure their needs are met. Sisters in the Relief Society visit the sisters in the ward to specifically edify and strengthen the women.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a worldwide church. Most likely there is a chapel near you.

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