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Teaching And Learning
August 18, 2013

Every Member Is A Teacher

Gospel Basics Series: Laws And Ordinances

The purpose of the church is to perfect and bless its members. The gospel is designed to make bad men good and good men better, and to do this requires teaching. Every member will be a teacher in some aspect. You will eventually become a home teacher if you are a man or a visiting teacher if you are a woman.

Teaching is one way you fellowship and serve others. If you are a mother or father, you will teach your children.

At some point, you may receive an official calling to be a teacher. The church has materials to help you teach. Teaching by the spirit is the most important principle for teaching. Without the spirit, you will fail.

Chapel Address and contact information: 1928 E. South Campus Drive, Salt Lake City; (University of Utah, next to the institute) 801-562-8089. You can also call 801-259-6709 for the mission home in Midvale if you want to talk to someone.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a worldwide church. Most likely there is a chapel near you.

Go here to find a chapel near you if you don't live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
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