The Ordinances of The Temple Are The Ultimate Application of The Gospel

My Stake President taught us in a stake conference that the ordinances of the temple are the ultimate application of the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not meant to make life easy. Jesus Christ has a high standard. The prophets have said that this is not the work of men but of God and because it is God’s work He can bring everyone up to the standard.

When you enter the temple you leave your problems at the door and they are still there when you come out; however, you changed while you were in the temple. The Lord doesn’t change your circumstances but he changes you so you can change your circumstances.

President James E. Faust once said in General Conference that the covenants in the temple are the greatest means for change. Part of the reason for that is because the work you do most resembles the atonement of Jesus Christ. You are doing something for someone else that they can’t do for themselves, and it is not a small thing you are doing. You are saving them spiritually, giving the dead the chance to know God. You are freeing them from bondage.

Why wouldn’t Christ give His greatest gifts and powers to those who save others?

The temple increases your agency or your ability to act.

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