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The Law of Chastity
August 09, 2013

The Law Of Chastity Defines The Lord's Standard Of Sex

Gospel Basics Series: The Commandments

God revealed to a Book of Mormon prophet, “For I, the Lord God, delight in the chastity of women.” (Jacob 2: 28) He also delights in the chastity of men.

God condemns sexual sin and considers it one of the worst sins you can commit. Murder is the only higher sin (other than sinning against the Holy Ghost).

Chastity means no sex before marriage. It is marriage between a man and a woman, and complete fidelity to your spouse after marriage.

Chastity requires self-control. The benefits to a marriage and family of living the law of chastity are great. You will have confidence and trust; both are essential qualities in a successful marriage and family. You will have a greater measure of the Holy Ghost in your life, marriage and family.

Because this is one of the most serious sins to commit in the eyes of God, it requires the most intense repenting. The loss of the spirit is also much greater.

Chastity also involves clean thoughts and actions. It means to watch and control your thoughts. Both psychologists and the prophets are united that we can only think about one thing at one time. Why this matters is because you can expunge evil thoughts simply by thinking about pure thoughts.

Pornography is a plague from Satan. Being chaste is to avoid pornography like a deadly disease.

Chastity is being modest in your dress, speech and actions.

Our bodies are sacred, and so are the procreative powers of creating a new life. It matters how a new human life comes into this world. God’s ordained way is through families, with a mother and father. The child will be at a severe disadvantage being born to a single mother.

Abortions are also a serious sin in God’s eyes. Candidates for baptism who have had an abortion need special permission from higher authority before they can be baptized.

Almost all sins can be forgiven.

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