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The Light And Glory of Jesus Christ Is Manifest In The Book of Mormon
February 10, 2017

Jesus Christ's Light is Infinite And The Book of Mormon Is His Tool To Save Your Family

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 1:9-10

9 And it came to pass that he saw One descending out of the midst of heaven, and he beheld that his luster was above that of the sun at noon-day.  10 And he also saw twelve others following him, and their brightness did exceed that of the stars in the firmament.

Jesus Christ created this world; therefore He was God from day one. Additionally, this is not the only world He created but trillions more like this one. Actually, He created so many worlds that it can’t be counted.

His light and glory far surpasses anything else on this earth. For example, if you think about the sun and how powerful it is and you can’t look at it directly because it will blind you. Also, it will fry you if you sit out in the sun for a long period of time without protection.

The light and glory of Jesus Christ far surpasses the sun’s power.

The Apostle’s light exceeds the stars. This is important symbolism describing the importance of the Apostles and Prophets. They are the most important people on earth because they speak directly for God.

The Book of Mormon foresees a day when the whole world will be against the twelve Apostles. Why?

Satan knows the power the word of God has on the minds and hearts of us. His word will have more influence on you than anything else. Nothing else will help you overcome an addiction or be healed from a traumatic past.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid professional therapy or other sources, but they can’t replace the word of God.

Another reason why the world will be against the Apostles they will not change the commandments of God, even though the world does and will continue to do. Gay marriage is one example. That will never be acceptable to God even if governments approve it.

Every marriage and family desperately needs the Apostles and Prophets because Satan is a real being intent on destroying your family. Therefore, Jesus Christ must be the head of our families.

Additionally, Elder Maxwell said the darkness is becoming more and more normal. For example, Satan is becoming much more clever and skilled in overthrowing families. Too many families are dysfunctional and many more marriages are hanging by a thread.

That is why the Book of Mormon must become our primary marriage and family manual. Why?

It is the most powerful marriage and family manual because it is the convincing power of Christ unto salvation. Additionally, no other book will bring you closer to Christ. Therefore, it will bring about more change in your individual life and in your marriage and family than any self-help or science could discover.

Similarly, there is no other book on earth that will help you feel God’s love than the Book of Mormon and this love will touch and heal your marriage and family.

As a result, I am convinced that you can’t feel depressed and love at the same time; therefore, the Book of Mormon can chase away depression from your personal life and in your marriage and family.

If you live in the Salt Lake City valley, I invite you to join us at church on Sunday's at 1 p.m. We are a mid-singles ward; however, if you have a family please don't let that stop you. Please, join us for for our first meeting which is Sacrament meeting, and make sure you ask someone to introduce you to our ward mission leader. Our address is 7155 South 540 East, Midvale Utah, 84047.

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