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The Great And Marvelous Works of God
December 24, 2017

Jesus Christ Is A God With Matchless Power To Save Families And To Create Love So Overwhelming That Tongue Can’t Express

Book of Mormon Marriage And Family Study

1 Nephi 1: 13-14

13. And he read, saying: Wo, wo, unto Jerusalem, for I have seen thine abominations! Yea, and many things did my father read concerning Jerusalem—that it should be destroyed, and the inhabitants thereof; many should perish by the sword, and many should be carried away captive into Babylon.

14. And it came to pass that when my father had read and seen many great and marvelous things, he did exclaim many things unto the Lord; such as: Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord God Almighty! Thy throne is high in the heavens, and thy power, and goodness, and mercy are over all the inhabitants of the earth; and, because thou art merciful, thou wilt not suffer those who come unto thee that they shall perish!

“Great And Marvelous Are Thy Works, O Lord God Almighty”

Jesus Christ is the God Almighty, and great and marvelous are His works. His work and His glory is to bring to pass the eternal life of man. He can save and rescue every marriage and family. He doesn’t want any marriage and family to perish and none will if they live the gospel. This is the challenge! Living the gospel is a lot harder than learning it. This is why this mortal life is a critical experience for eternal journey because it is a perfect testing ground.

Elder Holland teaches that our pursuit of holiness will be tested over and over again, and we agreed to that in the pre-existence. The gospel is the greatest protection against dysfunctional families. And I’m not saying that everyone needs to be LDS to have a happy home life. For example, some have labeled the Sermon On The Mount in the New Testament as the Constitution For A Perfect Life. The Lord teaches truths like don’t even allow yourself to become angry and lusting is a sin. Living these two truths alone would make for a peaceful home no matter what religion you are.

Jesus Christ is God, and He has infinite and His works are great and marvelous. He can soften hearts in the marriage and family. I believe the more we act the more God will respond. I also believe His power to create an atmosphere of love in the home is unlimited, and to do this requires effort on our part.

Elder Richard G. Scott said; “He has capacity to communicate love that is so powerful, so overwhelming as to surpass the capacity of the human tongue to express adequately.”

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