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The Meek Are Fearless
October 15, 2012

The Meek Are Fearless

Neal A. Maxwell, Meekly Drenched In Destiny

Elder Maxwell talked about meekness. Meekness is a companion to patience and is a required aspect of faith, hope and charity. Faith, hope, and charity are mandatory to gain the Celestial Kingdom.

Some of the characteristics of the meek are;

  • Being teachable.
  • Self Control.
  • Kindness and gentleness.
  • Not easily offended.
  • Doing God's will over your own.
  • Trust and courage.
  • Have a healthy self esteem.
  • Not worried about being taken for granted.

The world confuses meekness and humility for weakness. Despite what some believe, the meek are bold or can be bold. The meek are not the timid shy and passive person that the world portrays. It doesn’t mean they seek the spotlight either. They certainly are not obnoxious, loud or boisterous. Meekness does not care about the popularity or prestige of others. Meekness is not concerned about praise.

The meek do not feel entitled. A meek person can handle power and authority the best because they don't abuse it. He knows when to speak up and when to be silent. He knows the battles to pick and will only pick the ones that matter. His battles are not over the shallow and superficial.

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