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The Natural Man Is An Enemy To God
August 18, 2012

Why The Natural Man Is An Enemy To God

The Book of Mormon teaches that the natural man is an enemy to God. The question is why is that so? The natural man does not naturally seek after Him.

The natural man does not naturally do those things that will bring him the spirit. Having the spirit is everything. Besides eternal life, the Holy Ghost is the most important gift we can have in this life. It is through the Holy Ghost that you receive God's gifts. You receive power through the Holy Ghost.

God wants us to be instruments in His hands and to influence others for good. He wants us to create righteousness. All of that is impossible without the Holy Ghost. We can’t be much of an asset to the Lord without the spirit.

The way to put off the natural man is through the atonement of Jesus Christ and to seek after things of the spirit. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father. Without the Lord there would be an impassable barrier to God.

The natural man is an unprofitable servant because he is not qualified to be an instrument in God's hands. God resisteth the proud and the wicked will never know God.

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