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The Spirit World
July 22, 2013

The Spirit World Is A Place Of Happiness Or Misery Depending On How We Lived On Earth

Gospel Basics Series: The Plan of Salvation

Jesus Christ overcame physical death. But we still must die and leave this earth life. Unfortunately, some people view death negatively. God did not plan that we stay on earth forever. When you die your spirit will go to the spirit world. The spirit world is divided into two areas, spirit paradise and spirit prison. Spirit paradise is a much better place than earth.

Your personality and desires are not changed when you die. Your personal character will always be a part of you. If you desired good here you will desire good there. If you were evil here you will be evil there.

Spirit paradise is a place of happiness and you will go there if you chose good in this life. You will have peace and rest from troubles and care.

Spirit Prison is a place where the evil and wicked spend their time suffering and paying for their wicked deeds they did on earth. It is a dark and miserable place and some may spend an extremely long time there.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to those in the spirit world who did not obey it or have the opportunity to hear it on earth.

The spirit world is temporary. We wait there as we continue to learn and grow spiritually until we are resurrected.

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