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Things As They Really Are
September 10, 2012

Things As They Really Are

In Priesthood quorum, we talked about things as they really are. This message will identify a few things that we might not see as they really are.

Jesus Christ asking her for water is a great illustration of His humility. There is nobody too low on the social ladder for Him to reach. She was someone of great worth that even she had something of value to give to Christ.

This was an interesting meeting because Satan is a master of making the bad look good.

Some tend to take for granted great spiritual gifts and blessings such as the Holy Ghost. Taking the Holy Ghost for granted and not understanding it for what it really is, results in a life far below your possibilities.

The word of God is also taken lightly and not understood for what it really is. The Lord has put the church as a whole under condemnation for taking The Book of Mormon lightly. The scriptures are often not valued as the treasure as they really are. The consequence is we don’t know the Lord as well as we could and do not have a close relationship with Him like we should.

Jesus Christ is considered by many to be nothing more than a holy man or a prophet, instead of as God The Son and the Savior of this world and the Savior of billions of other worlds like this one. We don't understand His atonement well enough and don't take advantage of it on a daily basis. The consequence is we suffer more than we need to and do not become the person that we can and should become. Elder Gene R. Cook says that everyone can do better with relying on God and working with Him, so we can realize our righteous desires and rise above our challenges.

We don't see our actions for what they really are. We are often harder on ourselves than the Lord is on us. We are often our own worst critic. Heavenly understands perfectly how hard this life is. On the other end, many live life as if it will never end, and do not feel accountable to God for their choices. Some discount the principle of moral agency, thinking that they are their own final judge and whatever they do is right even if it is wrong.

We need to see ourselves as we really are, which are sons and daughters of God. Knowing you are a child of God has powerful implications. To know God is to know yourself. If you understand that God is perfect, then He loves you perfectly and watches your every move and knows every thought you have. He knows your problems better than you do.

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