Sunday School Class On The Tree of Life

Lehi the first prophet in the Book of Mormon had an incredible vision that is sure to increase your light and truth. I will only discuss my feelings about a small portion of Lehi’s vision. Lehi’s son Nephi desired to know about his father’s vision and asked Heavenly Father for further revelation and he received it.

I invite you to read the full vision, which starts in 1 Nephi chapter 8. The vision was about a few groups of people working their way toward a tree that Lehi called the tree of life. Some made it to the tree and some did not.

The fruit of the tree is described in these terms; • White, that exceeded all whiteness.

• Fills the soul with exceedingly great joy.

• Most desirable than all other fruit.

The tree itself is described as;

• The love of God.

• Jesus Christ himself.

Words cannot describe what it is like to have the love of God. It seems that his world is consumed with power and influence; if you have a fullness of the love of God you are the most powerful and influential person on earth.

This life is not about you; it is about loving and serving others. You can’t keep the second commandment without keeping the first commandment first. Having the love of God allows you to more fully love your neighbor.

In my mind the tree represents your knowledge of God and the fruit represents the powerful difference you can make in the world around you by knowing Him. The prophets have said that your knowledge of God will bring you the greatest happiness in your personal life and will be the greatest gift you can give to your family and all those around you. Having the love of God inside you fundamentally changes your very nature.

If you want to divorce proof your marriage and ensure your family does not fall apart, work towards knowing God. Men often worry if they are a good enough provider for their wives, if they make enough money. If you are a man of God who provides the spiritual leadership where your wife is filled with the love of God she wouldn’t dream of being with someone else even if that someone else could give her more money but not the love of God.

Money doesn’t compare to the fruits of knowing God. Money is only temporary anyway; it is only something we have to worry about in this life. Death is the great equalizer; once you die you don’t bring a penny with you into the next life.

Money doesn’t compare to the powers and gifts of God. No amount of money can compensate for a man of God who can call down the very powers of heaven and God to bless and heal your family.

The scriptures describe Christ as basically homeless. His mortal mission involved two broad categories; one teaching and second providing for the temporal welfare, which included healing the sick and afflicted. Christ healed everywhere He went and He didn’t discriminate in both whom He healed and what He healed, but He did want them to have faith in Him.

He brought the dead back to life and healed lepers. I am sure that the lepers Christ healed would pay their entire life savings to a medical professional to heal their disease if such a person existed but they didn’t exist.

Christ gave the people priceless gifts both temporal and spiritual that no amount of money could pay for.

The wonderful thing is there are people today who have the exact same powers that Christ had.