Why do we have trials especially when we are obedient and trying to keep His commandments?

It is important to know that we have a father in Heaven who knows us personally by name and loves us. The implications of this are penetrating and profound and could be life changing. This knowledge takes the sharpness out of the pain. We have been with God for an extraordinarily long time in a life before coming down here. He knows us much better than we know ourselves. Even if we spent all our days pondering and meditating we could never know ourselves as well as God does. After all, He created us.

It means He knows how to best stretch you without breaking you.

Charity is connected to long-suffering or said in another way we develop charity because of long-suffering. Can you imagine God lacking patience and who is easily upset. We are here to learn how to be Kings. Can you imagine finally progressing to the point where you are a God and create an infinite number of worlds and populate it with your own infinite number of children and after all that become angry with them easily.

God certainly needs patience and long-suffering with us because we live below our potential and He knows it. He wants to intervene in our lives much more than He currently does. The reason why He doesn’t intervene more is because we don’t invite Him in as well as we can and should.

There is divine purpose for God not giving us everything we ask the first time. The prophets have said we should be grateful when the Lord waits a long time to bless us. Waiting causes our faith and character to grow. You learn great lessons when you are in a circumstance that is impossible to solve or overcome on your own efforts and the longer you are in that situation the more obvious it becomes to you that only God can deliver you. When you are delivered it is impossible to give credit to yourself and you also learn that nothing is too hard for God.

If God allowed you to do hard things easily and immediately then you would become prideful and begin to think that your success must have been because of your own strength. One of the aspects of the atonement is to be able to hard things easier. Christ’s atonement will help us grow broad shoulders where God can put heavy loads of responsibility and be able to handle it triumphantly.