Personal Revelation Is Vital To Your Progression And Growth In Life, In Fact You Will Not Likely Make It Successfully Without It

"The way to receive personal revelation is really quite clear. We need to desire to receive revelation, we must not harden our hearts and then we need to ask in faith, truly believe that we will receive an answer, and then diligently keep the commandments of God." Personal Revelation And Testimony, Barbara Thompson

4 Principles of Revelation

  1. Desire
  2. Not harden your heart
  3. Ask in faith
  4. Truly believe

Desires Must Be Serious And Intense To Work

Everything begins with desire, but it also implies that you know something is possible or else how can you desire it. Many don't know that you personally can receive revelation from God and He yearns to give it.

Desires can't be shallow or superficial. They are strengthened when you have a clear vision of what you want because everything is created spiritually before it is created physically. The better you can see it in your minds eye the greater your desire will be and the more intense your motivation to push through obstacles.

Hardening Your Heart Results In Failure And An Antagonistic Attitude Towards God

Elder Gene R. Cook teaches to count the costs up front when you are working toward a difficult righteous desire. He suggests you decide what you will do in case it doesn't work, will you harden your heart against God and say prayers don't work or will you say to yourself that you don't know why it didn't work but not blame God because of it. He teaches that there are basically two reasons or possibly three for why your righteous desires may not happen.

  1. It was not the Lord's will.
  2. You didn't pay the price.
  3. Not the Lord's timing.

Elder Cook says it is more often than not the reason why you didn’t receive is because you didn't pay the price. The heavens could not respond because you have not sufficiently done your part. He teaches that repenting is the key to paying your part and the sins the Lord wants is the one that one that you have the hardest time overcoming.

The Book of Mormon illustrates the consequences of a hard heart; one of which is losing the Holy Ghost, which results in serious consequences of heartache bad choices.

Asking In Faith Is A Principle Of Agency And A Required Law For Receiving

The Bible Dictionary under prayer says God holds off granting your desires until you ask. There are blessings that you are already qualified to receive but are contingent on you asking for them and will not receive until you ask.

It Is Easy To Doubt And Fear Living In These Times Which Doubt And Fear Are Very Damaging To Faith

Truly believing is extremely important. Knowledge about God is vital, and it is even better if you can cross the threshold of knowing about Him to actually knowing Him. The more and better you know God the better you know yourself and your potential. It is essential that you know at least the basics of His personality and character. The basics of His personality and character in my mind are;

  • Omni-loving
  • Omniscient
  • Long-Suffering
  • Merciful
  • All Knowing

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