“And He Beheld Satan; And He Had A Great Chain In His Hand, And It Veiled The Whole Face Of The Earth With Darkness; And He Looked Up And Laughed, And His Angels Rejoiced” Moses 7:26

Addictions cause intense pain, causing most to feel trapped with no way out and no hope for peace. They are both a disease of the brain and the spirit. Enslavement always starts with a thought and a thought leads to a habit and a habit leads to an addiction.

Habits can be so imperceptible that you don't realize one has developed until it is too late and you have become enslaved. Master your thoughts. Think of your brain as a theater stage with something always playing; and you have agency to pick what is playing. If you don't make the choice of the play your mind will and it usually reverts to a harmful play.

The prophets recommend you memorize something spiritual where you can direct your mind to so the show playing in your mind is by your choice.

If you are thinking of experimenting with anything that will get you addicted don't do it, not even once. Do not believe in the lie that one time won't hurt. The truth is one time is enough to get you hooked.

The prophets believe that most people allow themselves to be entrapped because they don't understand how morally and spiritually dangerous they are.

The key to overcoming temptations is not to dwell on the tempting thought hoping and wishing it will go away, which usually only makes it worse. The key is to redirect your thoughts to something spiritual, such as a scripture or even a simple phrase of divine truth that has the power to penetrate the darkness and shatter lies of the adversary, thus freeing you from his chains.

The Apostle of God Elder Dallin H. Oaks in his conference talk Be Not Deceived, said; "Addiction is a condition in which we surrender part of our power of choice. When we do that we give the devil power over us."

The thought of Satan having power over you is a scary thought; however, there is a much more powerful thought that once takes root and grips your heart will give you greater hope and confidence. It is the thought of Christ's perfect and infinite power to reclaim you and make you completely and wholly free as if you never had it. You will remember having it but you won't suffer from the painful effects of it.

Satan is the source of all current and any future addictions that have not yet been invented.

Why Addictions Are So Eternally Destructive Both In This Life And The Next

Addictions are a life destroying unmerciful influence that robs you of your agency which is the very purpose of your eternal existence, both here and the next life. It reduces your freedom to act. When you are addicted you are limited in your ability to become and achieve; which is a major purpose for the plan of salvation.

They cause your spirit to surrender to your body, which results in the flesh being enslaved to the spirit. Addictions can cause a shortened life, reducing your chances for repentance and self-mastery.

The Book of Mormon teaches that who you are in this life carries over into who you will be in the next life; which means you take your addictions with you when you die. The prophets teach that overcoming weaknesses, which includes addictions, will be much harder in the spirit world and I think the urgency and need to overcome them will probably be much greater.

They will prevent you from progressing eternally.

How To Overcome Addictions

Jesus Christ is the answer to overcoming them. Whatever your addiction is Christ was already afflicted and suffered by it for you because of His atonement; which means He is the source of strength and knowledge to conquer it.

Elder Ballard said "I testify to you that your body, mind, and spirit can be transformed, cleansed, and made whole, and you will be freed." O That Cunning Plan of The Evil One.

Seeking professional help from therapists will help but completely unlatching yourself from this bondage will not happen without Jesus Christ intervening to free you. You may need both, but you can't do it without Christ.

Elder Ballard in the same talk said heart-felt prayer is a key in overcoming addictions, because casual petitions will not give you the spiritual strength necessary to be free of something so soul destroying.

A second secret in overcoming this is to take a greater interest in spiritual things. The greater and more frequently the Holy Ghost penetrates your heart the faster you will be healed.

President Eyring said great faith has a short shelf life, which means do something constantly even hourly if possible to feel the spirit. Maybe this means having your scriptures with you everywhere you go, or loading hymns on your portable device, or memorizing a powerful scripture and running it through your mind as often as possible.

Additionally to mighty prayer you may want to live in the scriptures. The Book of Mormon teaches that the word of God will have a more powerful influence over your heart than anything else. No movie or TV program or any sort of entertainment will give you the help that the word of God will.

The key to being freed faster is to spend more of your time where healing is possible. The prophets of God are the most direct line to God and have the most pure source of truth that exists on this earth.

The Standard Works, i.e. The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine And Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price are timeless applicable in any age and dispensation. The living prophets are for our current days who speak scripture just like the prophets in the Standard Works.

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