Avoid The Calamities Of The Last Days

The Apostles and Prophets are the most important people on this earth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is lead by Jesus Christ Himself because it is His church and He leads it through Apostles and Prophets. These 15 men serve the exact same purpose as the Lord’s original Apostles.

They are witnesses of Him! The restoration of the church when God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ visited Joseph Smith in their physical body left an unbroken chain of revelation (direct and indirect) to Apostles and Prophets. This was the greatest event since the Atonement.

What Are Your Sources of Influence?

We live in a society that worships pop culture! No wonder The Great and Spacious Building from Lehi’s dream in the Book of Mormon is packed with people obsessed with mindless entertainment believing it is harmless fun.

Only the Apostles and Prophets living and ancient can help you realize your divine destiny.

Prophet Blog
The prophet blog is personal commentary from the prophet's teachings. Personal commentary is not official doctrine.
Jesus Is Your Only Hope
Salvation is found ONLY in your Savior Jesus Christ. Christ paid for your sins, suffered all things in order to help you overcome your sins all your problems and afflictions.
President Thomas S Monson
President Thomas S Monson and his teachings
President Henry B Eyring
President Henry B Eyrings Conference talks
President Dieter F Uchtdorf
The teachings of President Dieter F Uchtdorf
Russell M Nelson Teachings
The teachings of Russell M Nelson
Dallin H Oaks Conference Talks
The teachings of Elder Dallin H Oaks in General Conference
M Russell Ballard, Prophet Seer And Revelator
Teachings of M Russell Ballard
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The teachings of Elder Robert D Hales
Teachings of Jeffrey R Holland
The teachings of Jeffrey R Holland
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Talks from David A Bednar
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Teachings of Quinton L Cook,
Teachings of D Todd Christofferson
The teachings of D Todd Christofferson
Neil L Andersen Teachings
The teachings of Neil L Andersen
Ronald A. Rasband
Elder Ronald A. Rasband called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in October 2015.
Gary E. Stevenson
Gary E. Stevenson called as an Apostle of the Lord in October 2015
Teachings of Dale G. Renlund
The teachings of Elder Dale G. Renlund
Discourses By The Seventy
The Lord called the Seventy during his time and he has called them today to be witnesses of him in all the world.
The Plan Of Salvation
The plan of salvation describes how you can be happy in this life and the next life. It describes where you came from, why you are here and where you are going after death.
Holy Ghost
The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is the greatest gift you can receive in life. It will enliven your life
Teachings of Dead Prophets
The teachings of dead prophets is not to be ignored.
The Family Is The Most Important Unit In Society
The greatest source of happiness is found in marriage and family
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Prosperity And Righteousness
prosperity and wealth can be acquired without corrupting you spiritually
Some Blessings Of The Atonement
"To that end Jesus Christ entered a garden called Gethsemane, where He overcame sin for us."
The Blessings Of Abraham
The blessings of Abraham are much more than eternal marriage, creating worlds without number and conceiving children to populate them. There are blessings that also apply to the here and now.
Gordon B Hinckley Talks
Gordon B Hinckley talks
James E Faust Conference Talks
General conference talks by President James E Faust
Neal A Maxwell
Talks by Elder Neal A Maxwell
Sanctity Of Life
Satan does everything he can to destroy the sanctity of life in every way possible
Free Agency And Freedom
Free agency is your right to make choices, freedom is your ability to act on your choices.
Addictions And The Key To Being Free
Addictions can be life destroying but there is complete healing through Jesus Christ
Top 10 General Conference Talks
Top 10 of all years conference talks
April 2011 Top 10 Conference Messages
The top 10 conference messages for April 2011
October 2010 Top 10 Conference Messages
The top 10 conference messages for October 2010
Receiving Grace For Grace
Your obedience allows God to grant you grace for grace.
Light And Truth Newsletter
Light and truth cleaveth unto each other which becomes its own law of attraction
The Merciful Redeemer
Jesus Christ is a merciful Redeemer who can turn despair into hope and change your desires
The Refiners Fire
The refiners fire perfects you.
About Me, Bret Bradshaw
About Bret Bradshaw and what I know is true.
October 2011 TOP 10
October 2011 General Conference top 10.
Eternal Life, What It Means To Know God How And Why You Should Seek After Him
Eternal life is be restored to God and can only happen through atonement of Jesus Christ.
The Equality Of Men And Women In The Priesthood
Priesthood men are not better than women in the church because they have the priesthood
The Blessings Of Paying Tithing Are Subtle But Significant
The blessings for paying tithing are great but they are not always obvious.
Women Are Powerful
Women are a powerful force in this world.
Pornography Is A Drug That Destroys
Pornography is a lethal drug that leads to serious sex addictions.
4 Types Of Bondage
This talk is a warning voice against falling into spiritual, physical and intellectual bondage.