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The prophet blog is commentary from the words of the prophets mainly from the General Conference talks. The commentary is not official doctrine of the church. I assume full responsibility for the content.

These blogs apply to me just as much as they do for you.

With that said, the spirit is the greatest teacher.

The commentary is simply my own feelings and impressions when I ponder the prophets words. I do my best to not teach anything false and certainly don't do it knowingly.

I strongly encourage you to read and listen to the talk yourself and see what the spirit teaches you.

A Prophet And His Words More Powerful Than A Sword Or Anything Else

The words of a true prophet will do more to change your nature, behavior and character than any self-help book or program will. Here are true christian prophets.

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Jesus Christ Will Never Leave You

Jesus Christ is how you endure all your trials.

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David B. Haight

Elder David B. Haight

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Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, the athlete Apostle.

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President Howard W. Hunter

Howard W. Hunter, the 14th President of the Church

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Teachings of Dale G. Renlund

The teachings of Elder Dale G. Renlund

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Gary E. Stevenson

Gary E. Stevenson called as an Apostle of the Lord in October 2015

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Ronald A. Rasband

Elder Ronald A. Rasband called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in October 2015.

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4 Types Of Bondage

This talk is a warning voice against falling into spiritual, physical and intellectual bondage.

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The Family Is The Most Important Unit In Society

The greatest source of happiness is found in marriage and family

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Top 10 General Conference Talks

Top 10 of all years conference talks

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Put God First

God must be first in our lives.

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Receiving Revelation From Jesus Christ Through General Conference

General Conference is a core way to receive personal revelation.

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Free Agency And Freedom

Free agency is your right to make choices, freedom is your ability to act on your choices.

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Prophets Quotes On Pornography

Apostles and prophets quotes on pornography.

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Addictions And The Key To Being Free

Addictions can be life destroying but there is complete healing through Jesus Christ

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Pornography Is A Drug That Destroys

Pornography is a lethal drug that leads to serious sex addictions.

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Women Are Powerful

Women are a powerful force in this world.

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The Blessings Of Paying Tithing Are Subtle But Significant

The blessings for paying tithing are great but they are not always obvious.

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The Equality Of Men And Women In The Priesthood

Priesthood men are not better than women in the church because they have the priesthood

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Neal A Maxwell

Talks by Elder Neal A Maxwell

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Sanctity Of Life

Satan does everything he can to destroy the sanctity of life in every way possible

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Moral Agency

The three elements of moral agency, a devotional summary from Elder D. Todd Christofferson.

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Faith And Forgiveness

Devotional summary from Elder Holland's talk, Remember Lot's Wife which is about faith and forgiveness.

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Eternal Life, What It Means To Know God How And Why You Should Seek After Him

Eternal life is be restored to God and can only happen through atonement of Jesus Christ.

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27 Powerful Temple Promises

The greatest blessings you can receive in this life and the next are because of the temples.

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4 Principles Of Personal Revelation

Here are 4 essential principles for receiving personal revelation

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October 2011 TOP 10

October 2011 General Conference top 10.

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Jesus Christ Has Superior Healing Power

Jesus Christ has superior healing power for all problems.

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Only Repentance Heals The Pain

Only repentance can heal the pains of sin.

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Light And Truth Newsletter

Light and truth cleaveth unto each other which becomes its own law of attraction

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The Refiners Fire

The refiners fire perfects you.

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Repentance Is Freedom

Repentance is freedom because it lifts your soul from heavy crushing burdens

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The Power To Heal Emotional Wounds

Scriptures can heal emotional wounds

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The Merciful Redeemer

Jesus Christ is a merciful Redeemer who can turn despair into hope and change your desires

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Active Love And How Employ It

"The love the Savior described is an active love."

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Life Is A Proving Ground

Life is a proving ground to test you, to help you develop gifts and talents that will most help you become Godlike

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To Despair Is A Dangerous Personal Condition

To despair is a threatening state to be in, but there is a way out.

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Desires Dictate Your Priorities

Desires dictate your priorities

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Receiving Grace For Grace

Your obedience allows God to grant you grace for grace.

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Gordon B Hinckley Talks

Gordon B Hinckley talks

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No Trial And Tribulation Is Beyond Our Power To Overcome

"Not one of the trials and tribulations we face is beyond our limits"

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October 2010 Top 10 Conference Messages

The top 10 conference messages for October 2010

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April 2011 Top 10 Conference Messages

The top 10 conference messages for April 2011

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To Receive The Grace Of God You Must Give Rather Than Receive

You receive the grace of God which is His divine strength and help through giving.

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No Trial is Beyond Your Capacity

"Not one of the trials and tribulations we face is beyond our limits, because we have access to help from the Lord. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us." More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us; Paul V. Johnson

Saying that there is not a SINGLE trial or tribulation that is beyond our limits to handle is not a small or insignificant statement, because life can be excruciating difficult at times. Trials are very personal and custom fit to you personally which is what makes them difficult to bear. Life is hard for everyone and for different reasons for each individual.

How is it possible to overcome and conquer anything in your life? There is only one way and Elder Johnson gave the answer in this quote when he said it is through Jesus Christ. Name your issue; divorce, abuse, singleness, aloneness, sickness, misery and heartache because of sin or other poor choices, failure, death of a loved one. It could be a million other problems, whatever it is you can conquer it because Christ has faced it already and knows what to do. Come unto Him and seek after Him and you will overcome it. The scriptures through the Holy Ghost will tell you ALL things you should do.

Why does this matter? There are answers and help to any and all your problems you are now facing or will face in the future. The gospel has the answer to every personal problem. This knowledge should eliminate all fear which is not part of the gospel.

You Have Access To The Lord's Help

Christ said that His grace is sufficient for you if you are humble enough to receive it. Even Christ Himself grew from grace to grace, which means He didn't have a fullness of grace or strength at first. Being endowed with His grace is one of the greatest blessings you could receive in this life.

The Bible dictionary defines grace as "It is likewise through the grace of the Lord that individuals, through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance of their sins, receive strength and assistance to do good works that they otherwise would not be able to maintain if left to their own means."

Receiving His strength doesn't come automatically or without effort. The more effort you put into serving Him and coming unto Him the more grace you will receive. Every person alive needs His help because of the mortal condition.

Many people turn to TV or movies for relief, but this is a mistake because they still feel empty when you are finished. When Christ says He is the bread of life, and how His word is quick and powerful, He is saying His gospel is strong enough to heal you. You don't have to spend hours reading before you find something that will pierce through the pain and heartache you feel.

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Help Your Children Lose Their Desire For Sin

"When people are described as having lost their desire for sin, it is they and they only, who deliberately decided to lose those wrong desires by being willing to 'give away all [their] sins' in order to know God." Desire; Dallin H. Oaks

One of the best ways of knowing if you are converted is your attitude toward sin. Heavenly Father hates sin and has no allowance for it; therefore, you are becoming more like Him when you too hate sin.

You may be a parent and want the best for your children and desire that they choose right. You can't force righteousness on them. If you can instill in your children an innate hatred toward sin, you have made a huge milestone in their ability to choose the right. You won't have to worry about them nearly as much.

If your children have a casual attitude toward sin, they will be much more likely to justify sinning when they are alone and in places where they think nobody will find out.

I feel one of the best ways to be an instrument in God's hands is to implant in others a strong desire for repentance and who has a zero tolerance for sin. Helping them to feel the love of God is the best way to accomplish this. There is nothing greater in this world than to feel the love of God. Sinning is not worth the cost of missing out on the love of God.

People typically feel the love of God through the word of God, which is why the word combined with the spirit, literally changes people. The prophets have said that the gospel can change human nature better than studying human nature (self-help) can change human nature.

Studying about a specific human behavior weakness only targets the symptom and doesn't reach the core problem. When you feel God's love it affects not only that individual behavior flaw but everything else about you.

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The Plan Of God And Sacrifice

"Over and over the Lord tells us why the plan is worth our sacrifice- and His." The Atonement All For All; Elder Bruce C. Hafen

It is said that repetition is the key to learning which is maybe why the Lord said over and over again why the plan is worth ours and His sacrifice. The Lord probably also said it over and over again so we couldn't possibly miss the message.

The ultimate plan is eternal life which is living with God and having His kind of life. To obtain eternal life requires tremendous sacrifice. You can't achieve it without deliberate action and heartfelt desire.

We are not at competition with each other spiritually in this life. God is no respecter of persons. He will grant the exact same spiritual blessings to everyone who is worthy and qualified for it. God is pained when He can't give us what He has to give. We are the ones who holds God back. We tie His hands because our agency or choices prevents Him from giving us all He has.

The Plan Also Involves God's Sacrifice

We are not in this alone. The greatest thing you and I can do in our lives is invite God into it. There is no strength is being independent. Real strength comes from interdependence. There is no greater skill set that you could develop than learning how to rely on God for help.

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The Atonement Is The Source Of Your Strength And Peace

The atonement is the very key to enjoying peace and strength.

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