Jesus Christ Reveals His Mind And Will To The World In General Conference

General Conference: Strengthening Faith And Testimony, Elder Robert D. Hales

Personal revelation is not a small matter, in fact realizing your full potential without revelation directly and personally to you is impossible.  An Apostle said that we can achieve beyond our wildest imagination, but the reason we don’t is because we see through the glass darkly. That is because the Holy Ghost is not with us.

General conference is a powerful way to receive personal revelation, that is because the Apostles and Prophets speak directly for Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost personalizes the message for your life and challenges.

You will know God’s mind and will for you.  Furthermore, you will know how to resolve your problems.

Help from God requires your work and effort, and seeking after Him through General Conference is a core way of coming unto Him. 

You should know that the Apostles are not assigned topics; therefore, they diligently seek out the inspiration and will of God.  Sometimes, they wrestle before God to know His will, because it is a great responsibility that they don’t take lightly to speak for God and declare scripture. 

The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead and the most powerful and greatest teacher you can possibly have.  He is irreplaceable. The Lord taught that we should live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God; consequently we should pay very close attention to what the spirit desires to communicate to us. That is why the impressions you feel from the Holy Ghost are more important than the actual words the apostles say. Your feelings are crucial as you listen to the conference messages.

The Holy Ghost has the power to take one message and apply to a billion different people in different ways all at the same time.

The greatest benefit of General Conference is after it is distributed in print and video; allowing you to seriously think about their words. 

A psychologist once said at a conference I attended, that reading only is not learning.  I feel strongly that is true with the gospel and the words of Christ.  Reading his words only will not bring great power in your life.  But when you learn to read slow, and write your thoughts and impressions, tremendous strength and power flows into your life.

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