Pornography Is The Most Diabolical Drug There Is Because It Damages Your Brain, Corrupts Your Soul And Can Lead To The Most Hellish and Heinous Crimes Ever Known To Man

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about the healing power of Jesus Christ in overcoming pornography.

Pornography can lead to something so extremely dark and evil that is beyond comprehension. Tim Ballard, a former CIA and Homeland Security Special Agent who founded Operation Underground Railroad, which is a charity that rescues children from the sex trade, people who have sold their souls to the Devil. Trafficking children for sex stems from pornography. 

Here is a quote from an article:


“There’s two million children being exploited commercially for sex,” Ballard said.

“There are so many people that want this. It’s something, I know, that’s hard to understand. But it’s anybody, it’s everybody. It’s teachers, doctors, lawyers, people that walk amongst us. They have this sex addiction.”

Ballard said the pedophiles begin by watching pornography, and it becomes an addiction that grows out of control.

“We sit across from these traffickers, and they talk about children being abused in this way like they’re talking about the weather, like they’re selling you a car,” he remarked. “And they’re very specific. ‘This ten-year-old girl will do X, Y, and Z. … I have virgins for you that we’ve been preparing … and we’re going to deliver them to you at your party for $1,000.’”

Pornography and sex traffickers 

Pornography is a disease that destroys your literal brain, and kills your spirit. I can think of nothing more filthy and despicable. If it only harmed you that is one thing, but it never does. For some, it has taken over their souls that they have lost their humanity, to the point of partaking in the child sex business.

He said they start with adult pornography but because it is an addiction and you eventually need more of it to experience the same results, you seek after harder and harder porn. Ultimately, they turn to child porn, and then acting it out.

The magazine LDS Living had an article about Tim and Operation Underground Railroad, and he said, "The problem of child sex slavery is 100 percent the the societal consequences of our pornographic world....Adult pornography is marijuana, and child pornography is cocaine.  When people move on to child pornography, eventually they want the real thing."

Another penetrating statement Tim said as he was deciding to start O.U.R., "These children are being kidnapped and raped. There is nothing worse on earth.  There is nothing worse in hell."

The documentary, The Abolitionist said every 30 seconds a child is sold into the sex trade, and these children are raped on average 5 to 10 times per day.

These perverse sex addict monsters target 9 year old kids, but the average age a child is first trafficked is 13.

Pornography is the cause of all this, and it fuels the huge amount of demand.

Get in this fight! Is there anything more evil?

Apostles And Prophets Quotes On Pornography

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