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Light cleaveth unto light, truth cleaveth unto truth and so does love. This is another way of stating the law of attraction.

The opposite of light, truth and love is darkness, lies, and depression.

Darkness is a life without the gospel of Jesus Christ. Addiction is another form of pitch black darkness. Addiction robs you of your freedom and agency and you get it back through the Atonement and blood of Jesus Christ. Satan operates based on lies which include all forms of deception. Most people experience depression at some point in their life. In my opinion depression is mostly a mental cognition default. Most likely if you are experiencing depression, at some point you have let Satan’s lies take root in your mind. Satan will not let go of you without a serious and bloody fight. ONLY Jesus Christ can free you from Satan, but you need to know the process of coming to Jesus Christ.

Some of Satan’s most common social lies are these;

• What your body looks like matters.

• Your worth is determined by how much money you make.

The people who you associate with on a consistent basis influence you in a major way. One of the keys when breaking an addiction or bad habit is to avoid people and places that will tempt you into your old ways.

How great would it be to attract people around you who are filled with light, truth and love, people who radiate these powerful attributes. Think of how it would enrich your life in a major way. You need it yourself to draw others who also have these characteristics. This newsletter is designed for one additional way to increase your light, truth and love.

My newsletter will include my notes from Sunday Bloc meetings and other Church related meetings such as Firesides, Seminars, Institute classes etc. It may not necessarily be as prophet oriented as I try to make the rest of the website. It all depends on what truths are discussed at these meetings that I feel are valuable enough to share here.

Occasionally you will find my notes from my pondering scriptures, often specific verses and sometimes my general thoughts and impressions from multiple chapters.

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